• In case your flight gets delayed, have a back up plan. Call your travel agent to book an alternative, rent a car, something other than sitting in the airport stranded.
  • To avoid being delayed at the airport, call the airline before leaving to be sure the flight is scheduled to leave on time.If your flight is delayed you may be entitled to a refund, even on a nonrefundable ticket!
  • For easy access to your carry on bags or if you have many,  think about getting a seat assignment toward the back of the plane. You board first and have easier time stowing your bags.


  • When traveling to a foreign country, familiarize yourself with local laws and customs of the countries to which you are traveling. Remember while in a foreign country, you are subject to its laws.
  • When using a pay phone, avoid isolated phones or ones with limited lighting. Face outward while calling to stay alert to possible intruders and hang onto your belongings.
  • When boarding your fight or checking into your hotel room, always note the emergency exits in relation to your seat or room.This makes a quick escape route.


  • Do you want a money saving technique while flying close to a holiday? Fly on the holiday itself to pay a cheaper fare!


  • Place any breakable items, like perfume or cologne, in plastic baggies prior to packing. This way, if they break your clothes are spared the mess!
  • Keep clothing wrinkle free by “rolling” articles in dry-cleaning bags when packing.