Have you ever jumped off a cliff or wanted to? Like really step off a ledge and drop, hoping you will find your wings and soar. Bungee jumping is one of those things you want to try at least once in your lifetime; Twice and more if you dare. It’s liberating and relaxing to just take the plunge and know that before you hit rock bottom, something will hold you back and you can fly back and forth over and over again.

Now would be a good time to scream out all your frustration with life and not receive weird looks like you’re crazy. It’s a time you can be exhilarated about nature and life. It’s taking a key and letting out that crazy person you know exists in your head but no one else hears.

In Uganda, we have a 44m plunge into River Nile at Nile High Bungee. From a steel platform which soars above the cliffs which tower over the deep, fast-flowing river, you take your thrilling jump. The view from above is scary and of course you get the jitters but it is much safer than you would think.

After the Bungee, you can explore the river in the wild Nile Jet. With a tandem jump, two people can be strapped together at the ankles and jump at once which is less scary for those that need someone to hold their hand. For water touches, you have the option of a rope long enough to allow you to be dunked in the river.

Full moon touches involve jumping into the darkness while plummeting towards the waters. This is the stuff adventures are made of. You can jump whatever time of the day you please, just don’t miss the date with your adventurous side.