In all my days, I had never envisioned myself on a rickety over-loaded locally-made boat out in the middle of Lake Victoria miles from my beloved terra firma. But then again, neither had I envisioned myself getting an invitation from a friend to spend a week at her home in Buyovu Island, the third largest among the 84 island collective that make up the Ssese islands in Uganda.




For four hours we travelled, boat-engine drone providing for background music. A few miles in, my inhibitions gave way and I soon came to enjoy the buoying and swaying of the old boat. I figured if I was to perish, I might as well make some good memories to accompany me into the afterlife.


Seruwaji, the seasoned Seaman (or Lakeman?) and captain (for lack of a better word) navigated his way without need for compass or GPS. He actually seemed nonchalant about the entire trip, probably a daily occurrence for him. As luck would have it, it was a smooth enjoyable experience for me with perfect weather andan animated host giving me the 411 about everything I saw until we reached our destination.


With perfect 24°C weather and a waterfront all to myself, I let out my inner child and took to the lake. I swam the butterfly and the octopus and the dolphin and a few more strokes I am yet to patent. My host on the other hand called my swimming skills dog-paddling at best as I stayed rooted in the same spot even as my imagination took over.



A flock of exotic wild ducks, dappled brown, black and creampatrolled the waterfront in my absence. Their presence adds to the allure of the island along with a myriad of other bird species I had never before seen anywhere. I was especially enamoured byan elegant tiny brown bird that had a very long white tail, almost twice the bird’s length. Not far behind in my favourites was the red-tailed parrots that sung a most exotic tune high up in the island’s softwood trees. A couple of wagtails were actually semi-tame and always hang around my host’s home.


A chatter of black-faced grey monkeys periodically left their forest habitat to forage for food in gardens leaving a trail of destruction. They especially loved the cassava and pineapples growing abundantly in the rich virgin soils. What fascinated me most when I first saw them was the fact that they had bright blue privates. Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humour?


With the saying that beauty is fleeting, I was glad I got to see the beauty of Buyovu Island when I still could. As is a trend with man, soon there won’t be any trees with the rate of charcoal burning and the land will all be tilled and the fish depleted in the lake. It will be a paradise lost.It goes without saying what will happen to the spectacular wildlife.





It is said that there are three sides to every story; yours, theirs and the truth. I guess as we grow older our perceptions and mentality change so things affect us differently. We could become more irritable or more lax, at times we change so much that we don’t recognize ourselves.

The world is not big enough for all of us to pursue our own desires thoughtlessly so to make it a better place we need to be more considerate of others and their needs. One of the ways we can do this is by traveling and meeting new people; you get to see what they appreciate and of course when your patience is tested you learn how to deal with things more conveniently without resorting to violence or war.

Just like a camera takes different kinds of photos you too can adjust how you see the world, what you see in it and the color; rosy vs. dreary. You can choose to see long term benefits, short term, whether you want an instant reward or can wait. In the same way experiences you face can change you. You choose whether to grow from it or let it hold you down.

If we focus on the small things, we could harness our creativity and use it to get way better results than just having a bland outlook. I guess what am trying to say is be open minded. You can start with a little travel. In case you want to arrange a trip through us, contact us here.

Life’s got you

Life has a funny way of tying you up in knots. Cause no matter what you do, there will always be repercussions. You pass something up for the other and start wondering what you did wrong, whether it was the right choice and if you wouldn’t be happier doing the opposite.

See, we always regret the things we didn’t do more than the things we did.’

You wouldn’t want to grow old then start thinking maybe you should have seen the world more. Looking out your window everyday won’t teach you anything because you see the same view from the same spot. Take some time and travel in order to broaden your thoughts and goals. Life is so much bigger than just sitting home following the same old routine.

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