We all live and somehow forget what we live for. Routine can pretty much take the fun out of life. One of the things I figured you can do to keep yourself interested is to try new things. There are so many things under the sun you can try and you will like at least half of them. So blow your mind with something new you didn’t expect to do.

Here’s a few suggestions;

Bungee jumping

In Uganda, we do it from Nile High. Leap over the source of the Nile from a height of 44m. Opt for tandem jumps which is simply diving with a friend. If you want to experience this with your partner and hold on tight, this is for you. For  water touches you dive and your feet get to touch  the water before the cord pulls you back up. Full-moon jumps add excitement as you jump during the dark and can see nature bathed in moonlight as you dive into the Nile.


White water rafting

Dare the Nile on a raft and see if you have what it takes. You can opt for extreme rafting where you go with just a guide, and a small inflatable raft against the mighty rapids of the White Nile. Nothing like swimming through the rapids and going in and out of your raft to get your adrenaline spiked. You can opt for half day or full day depending on how many rapids you want to cover.

Boat cruise

You can fluke one of these when you travel to Queen Elizabeth National Park or Murchison Falls. Here at Sabili Tours, we arrange the opportunity for our clients knowing it is an experience you don’t want to miss. Feel the breeze on your face and hair as you enjoy watching animals play in water and you can see them up close on the shores.


Don’t you just like the idea of riding away from it all on a bicycle? I know I do. so get yourself a bike, take time off and ride into the sunset. See where you end up, how long it takes you and how different the world looks with a new mindset… not everything has to fit in a box.

Snorkeling with sharks.

Imagine what it would be like to swim with the sharks and just watch them do their thing. Just find some satlwater, a cave and a cage because they are definitely dangerous.


Mountain climbing

The world over has been blessed with mountains. There is Mt. Rwenzori also called the mountains of the moon in Uganda. Climb to the peak and see the elusive top. Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is another nice climb. It could be Mt. Everest or any other you need. However it can be dangerous so do plan this trip with a tour company. Sabili can advise you on which routes to take, what to wear and other precautions.

Float in the dead sea

It’s one of the saltiest waters in the world so boasts of no animal life but its water has healing properties. Go give your body a boost by lying there doing nothing. I t beats hot water springs.

Horse riding

Doesn’t matter if you race or just do it for your own pleasure. The landscape looks different when viewed from the back of a horse. Take the horse by its reins and live.




                                                                   Seychelles beaches

Seychelles beaches are such a lovely place to travel with so many things you want to do. Take your time but definitely don’t miss out on some of these fun experiences.

Take a boat charter and go for a full day dive or snorkeling. It’s a fun opportunity to explore some of the 115 islands on the outer island around Mahe. It’s also a chance to see the islands of Praslin and La Digue.

Go to the casino and take a leap of faith. Never know you might win big and that would make your holiday that much better.

Horse riding could be a great way to let down your hair. You can also explore  Mahé’s west coast – Barbarons and Grand Anse area on horseback. It would go a long way in blowing off steam.

Your trip wouldn’t be complete without a night excursion. Go dance your worries away at a night club or disco. Katiolo is a unique open-air nightclub about 10 minutes drives from the airport. It’s a chance to enjoy the air and atmosphere.

Golf is a sport you would like to enjoy on Seychelles Golf Club which is a nine-hole course built on a old coconut plantation. It provides a historical atmosphere coupled with excellent features to add to your golf experience.

My favorite thing in the world is barbecues. What’s even better is if you catch the fish yourself! Go fishing and take some time to sit back and relax on the beach, use a rod and get as much fish as you can.

Take a nature walk. Nothing beats a long walk along the beach or even along a trail. Take a long walk and enjoy the breeze, trees and beauty of nature.

Appreciate art with a visit to an art gallery. Look at the beautiful paintings and buy a few if you please.

The Museum is a great place to take in the history of Seychelles through the flora, fauna and geological history. You will hear more about the environmental concerns of Seychelles islands.

Restaurant hopping is a great way to enjoy the delicacies offered in the Seychelles. Sample as many dishes as you please.

Water sports are available for those who want to spend as much time in water as possible. You can opt for the motorized or non motorized depending on what your pleasure is. Windsurfing, pedaling and diving are but a few.

Island hopping is a must. You do not want to miss out on some of the 115 Seychelles Island.

All you have to do is let us know and we can make it happen.