‘You know our love was meant to be, the kind of love that lasts forever. And I want you here with me. From tonight, until the end of time. You should know, everywhere I go, you’re always on my mind, in my heart, in my soul.’


The lyrics to that song are what newlyweds feel like.  The passion and optimism, the hope for better things, the belief that something good will come from it and last a lifetime.You met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and now it is time to be together. What better way to set the bar than with a honeymoon that blows you away?

Honeymoons used to be the first month after the wedding because that was when everything was sweetest. Yours doesn’t have to be just 30 days. It can last as long as you think. Think of it as a preview of what the rest of your married life will be like, like that first course of a meal you spend forever creating and enjoying. Why not start it with romance and lazy trips to the beach?

It is natural to want something exciting, unique and special. This is something that will be branded on your memory for years to come. You could literally have the world at your feet with a trip to the moon or have beautiful things around you so that you feel like you have the world on a platter.

If you’re not a romantic and feel like after the hustle of planning a wedding you are too exhausted to plan your honeymoon, let someone else have the pleasure of doing that for you. It’s like a surprise party, only with different activities you and your partner can enjoy and a chance for the two of you to be alone before taking on life as man and wife.

Relax and forget about the hectic plans and mishaps that occurred while planning your wedding. What makes it much better is that you get to relax together away from everyone else. You and this person that chose to spend your lives together. Take the chance to celebrate finally being married. It has probably taken a while from the proposal to the actual wedding, time that you kept wishing would speed by so that you could officially be together. The honeymoon is the green light saying go right ahead, this is the time to enjoy each other’s company without outside intrusions.

Marriage is about exploring and discovering each other, it has this in common with honeymoons. This is a trip where you discover new places, foods, likes and dislikes together. The experience will bring you closer together and bond you intimately. It’s quiet time for you as a couple to reflect and plan the rest of your life together at leisure.

Here at Sabili Tours, honeymoons are a passion where we help make your dream come true.

With a getaway to Ssese Islands, you can enjoy being indoors with you partner as you get to cherish one another, play indoor games that we provide to interested parties, walk and explore the island or take a canoe excursion and swim.

You can opt for a retreat to Seychelles Island, Zanzibar, Mombasa, Bulago Island or Pineapple Bay where you and your partner will feel like the only people in the world. It’s the first day of the rest of your lives, start it right.