BORED? ME TOO. Lets Do Something Fun

I was thinking recently that I am really tired and worn out and need a holiday. So I figured why not plan something really fun and pocket friendly because its an impulse and I didnt wanna spend too much.

So I started to look up a few things to do. A few were a bit too expensive and others a bit within my comfort zone.

Here is my little fun weekend plan:

` Quad Biking. Well who says only kids get to ride around and have fun? It could be a fun couple getaway to go let off some steam. Race around, find things for the loser to do, knock each other (not so hard of course)

`Bungee Jumping. This is a nice way to jump off a cliff together. You can hold each other, scream, and laugh your way to the bottom right above the water.

`White water rafting There is living on the edge then there is the rafting. Here is a chance to get wet together, scream together, and have a good time.

`Amusement Park. I feel like my childhood run away. so what am gonna do is go on a bumper car, pirate ship, octopus, and enjoy myself for a day!!

Definitely need a holiday. For those that want to organize a laid back weekend with Sabili, contact us here.



Island Life

Whether its to the popular Cayman Islands or somewhere small like Ssese Islands every person has that Island experience they want. To be at peace with the world and just walk along the shores with friends or loved ones. It’s everything you need to experience for yourself.

Safari Life

Every once in a while we crave adventure. Traveling through the wild just to see nature and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. You need to plan a safari trip and go camping. It will definitely be the ride of your life.

Roller coaster ride

Be it rafting, bungee jumping, sea diving, if you need a thrill you need adventure like never before. Do one of these and you will have experiences to last a lifetime.



Retirement is one of those chances you have to reinvent yourself. If before you didn’t have time to travel, play, hang with friends, suddenly you have time to do everything you had been putting off. Here are a few tips on where to go;

“You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.” 
― Andy Warhol

1. Look at the positives. so many are right in front of you.

2. Don’t panic. sometimes it feels like the rug’s been pulled out from under you but don’t give up. You need to focus on what you want to do that is fun for you.



In all my days, I had never envisioned myself on a rickety over-loaded locally-made boat out in the middle of Lake Victoria miles from my beloved terra firma. But then again, neither had I envisioned myself getting an invitation from a friend to spend a week at her home in Buyovu Island, the third largest among the 84 island collective that make up the Ssese islands in Uganda.




For four hours we travelled, boat-engine drone providing for background music. A few miles in, my inhibitions gave way and I soon came to enjoy the buoying and swaying of the old boat. I figured if I was to perish, I might as well make some good memories to accompany me into the afterlife.


Seruwaji, the seasoned Seaman (or Lakeman?) and captain (for lack of a better word) navigated his way without need for compass or GPS. He actually seemed nonchalant about the entire trip, probably a daily occurrence for him. As luck would have it, it was a smooth enjoyable experience for me with perfect weather andan animated host giving me the 411 about everything I saw until we reached our destination.


With perfect 24°C weather and a waterfront all to myself, I let out my inner child and took to the lake. I swam the butterfly and the octopus and the dolphin and a few more strokes I am yet to patent. My host on the other hand called my swimming skills dog-paddling at best as I stayed rooted in the same spot even as my imagination took over.



A flock of exotic wild ducks, dappled brown, black and creampatrolled the waterfront in my absence. Their presence adds to the allure of the island along with a myriad of other bird species I had never before seen anywhere. I was especially enamoured byan elegant tiny brown bird that had a very long white tail, almost twice the bird’s length. Not far behind in my favourites was the red-tailed parrots that sung a most exotic tune high up in the island’s softwood trees. A couple of wagtails were actually semi-tame and always hang around my host’s home.


A chatter of black-faced grey monkeys periodically left their forest habitat to forage for food in gardens leaving a trail of destruction. They especially loved the cassava and pineapples growing abundantly in the rich virgin soils. What fascinated me most when I first saw them was the fact that they had bright blue privates. Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humour?


With the saying that beauty is fleeting, I was glad I got to see the beauty of Buyovu Island when I still could. As is a trend with man, soon there won’t be any trees with the rate of charcoal burning and the land will all be tilled and the fish depleted in the lake. It will be a paradise lost.It goes without saying what will happen to the spectacular wildlife.






  • In case your flight gets delayed, have a back up plan. Call your travel agent to book an alternative, rent a car, something other than sitting in the airport stranded.
  • To avoid being delayed at the airport, call the airline before leaving to be sure the flight is scheduled to leave on time.If your flight is delayed you may be entitled to a refund, even on a nonrefundable ticket!
  • For easy access to your carry on bags or if you have many,  think about getting a seat assignment toward the back of the plane. You board first and have easier time stowing your bags.


  • When traveling to a foreign country, familiarize yourself with local laws and customs of the countries to which you are traveling. Remember while in a foreign country, you are subject to its laws.
  • When using a pay phone, avoid isolated phones or ones with limited lighting. Face outward while calling to stay alert to possible intruders and hang onto your belongings.
  • When boarding your fight or checking into your hotel room, always note the emergency exits in relation to your seat or room.This makes a quick escape route.


  • Do you want a money saving technique while flying close to a holiday? Fly on the holiday itself to pay a cheaper fare!


  • Place any breakable items, like perfume or cologne, in plastic baggies prior to packing. This way, if they break your clothes are spared the mess!
  • Keep clothing wrinkle free by “rolling” articles in dry-cleaning bags when packing.


Right now everyone is probably telling you what you should or shouldn’t do, where you should or shouldn’t go. It can get pretty exhausting. Don’t let it get to you, there is hope yet.

Take time off for you. Travel, See the world. Go somewhere they said you couldn’t. Shout. Take photos. Go on an extended road trip. Go bunghee jumping, you won’t live again so take this life and give it every bit of you. Take a risk, enjoy the thrill it brings.

It isn’t too late to live your life like it’s your own.


Join us this Easter weekend to a fun thrilling trip to Murchison Falls in Uganda. Book here.


I usually find packing for a trip a bit hectic because there are so many things I would like to take along and yet carrying heavy baggage is not fun in the least, so it’s a matter of prioritizing- basics and guilty pleasures. There are things that are an essential in every safari, then things you just can’t give up for a weekend, or fortnigh or month. Here’s a guide on how to mix a match;


A flashlight can come in handy for people who like to take night walks or even just be prepared for emergencies. Would you rather be in the dark without a light or have one in case it gets dark??

For the astronomer or bird watcher, a pair of binoculars is a must have. Nothing like improved sight to view the stars or birds a little clearer.

Comfortable shoes will make walking fun. Lightweight, durable, great soles, waterproof, and  comfortable shoes are a must for each safari trip you need. Flip flops or sandals are great to relax in at the end of a busy day on tour.

In this day and age, a camera is essential. Whether you are a fan of photography or just want to keep pictures of what you saw, and how much fun you had, taking your camera along is a decision you won’t regret. In case of digital cameras, take it fully charged and carry along your charger or batteries because you will definitely need to recharge or change batteries, so much to see.

A hat will keep the scorching sun off your head and out of your eyes. You might need sunscreen too.

For clothing, pack something light but covering the legs if you are taking a hike or walk. You might need something warm for the night.

Entertainment is a choice but I consider it a basic. If you are a book person, music person, carry something to pass the time on a long ride.

Snacks and water. You might want to take along a few things you want to nibble and sip on along the way.

My Guilty Pleasures

I Like to talk to people so my phone fully charged is a must. I like to update, take pics and catalog every bit of my trip.

Chocolate is something I like to eat to relax. So I like to take it on trips to relax.

A travel companion is the perfect compliment to an already good trip. You need someone to experience your trip with you and keep your company

Well enough secrets, pack something you are addicted to, it will definitely make your trip worth remembering.