Lions are very social cats that live in prides featuring females, offspring and a few male.

Did you know that lions can inter-breed with other animals?

The hybrids of  tigers and lions are known as ligers and tigons. When lions and leopards breed, the hybrids are leopons and for lion and jaguar, hybrids are known as jaglions.

Lionesses, are better hunters than the males so do most of the pride hunting.

Lions are the national animal in Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, England, Ethiopia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Singapore.

You can easily spot a lion by its mane, and lionesses prefer mates with darker manes.

Like any cat, lions like their naps and can rest for over 20 hours a day.

They are really fast and can do almost 81 kph though they only maintain that speed for short periods of time as it consumes lots of energy.

For an animal so big, you would be surprised at its worst enemy. A tiny little porcupine!! Lions tricked into sniffing the clever porcupine’s sharp quills often end up with one or more stuck in its jaw for life.

Adult males are competitive and usually  drive away young maturing males. These males leave their pride and search for other prides that they could take over by defeating other males and killing or chasing away all male cubs. This cycle of new male lions chasing off other male lions and taking over a pride occurs often to any pride. A male lion should not expect to remain a leader in his pride for more than 2-4 years.

Lions in captivity live between 25-40 years which is twice as long as those in the wild that live up to 15years.

Lions are natural thieves often stealing hyenas or other animals kills!!

Simba did not originate in lion king. It’s the Swahili  word for lion. It also means king, strong, and aggressive.

Join us in a trip to Murchison Falls or Queen Elizabeth National Park and keep your eyes peeled for one of these elusive cats.