Statistics always make things sound more real. 10,000 people move every week, 20% of people love to travel. See, I made those up. But you believed it! Writing shouldn’t be about numbers, it should be about the heart.

So here is something you should know; life is happening now. Doesn’t matter how long you have left to live, it still goes on at the moment. So focusing on the past and mistakes you have made won’t change anything. You need to focus on the now. Travel, make new friends, do things now and don’t wait for tomorrow.

The future is now. Doesn’t matter how hard you work for your future if you aren’t going to enjoy it. The days move on and each day lost won’t be recovered. So here is a chance to focus on what you want, and get it in the now.



Every traveler must have a packing list, things you must have on every travel. Here is a few of my priorities.

1. Comfortable walking shoes
2. A carry on bag you can fit with as much as possible and still carry
3. Entertainment; be it novels, music, friends- we all need a distraction.
4. Pain killers (for those days when you just don’t feel so well)
5. warm clothes. You wouldn’t want to freeze in the middle of nowhere.
6. Needle and thread- for wardrobe disasters and emergencies

BORED? ME TOO. Lets Do Something Fun

I was thinking recently that I am really tired and worn out and need a holiday. So I figured why not plan something really fun and pocket friendly because its an impulse and I didnt wanna spend too much.

So I started to look up a few things to do. A few were a bit too expensive and others a bit within my comfort zone.

Here is my little fun weekend plan:

` Quad Biking. Well who says only kids get to ride around and have fun? It could be a fun couple getaway to go let off some steam. Race around, find things for the loser to do, knock each other (not so hard of course)

`Bungee Jumping. This is a nice way to jump off a cliff together. You can hold each other, scream, and laugh your way to the bottom right above the water.

`White water rafting There is living on the edge then there is the rafting. Here is a chance to get wet together, scream together, and have a good time.

`Amusement Park. I feel like my childhood run away. so what am gonna do is go on a bumper car, pirate ship, octopus, and enjoy myself for a day!!

Definitely need a holiday. For those that want to organize a laid back weekend with Sabili, contact us here.