Ever been in a situation where you are trying to have a conversation with someone but neither of you understands the other? You just reached an impasse. Rather than give up, find new ways to express yourself. You will be surprised how much fun you have!


Use a lot of gestures instead of words, like point at yourself and say name, then point at other person. Use drinking motion when thirsty, make a face, roll your eyes, shake your head. If you think it, do it! That way you are at least trying to be understood.

Be Dramatic

If you have to, use a thick accent. If you are in a foreign country use random funny phrases you know from that language so that you can communicate. Use cliche phases. Think ‘Mamma mia! ‘ If per chance you are in France, use thick accents like Inspector Whatshisname in Pink Panther. Reinvent yourself.

Have you seen babies talking on and on even when its clear you don’t understand them? They have the right idea. Think different. You will be surprised. Miscommunication can result in the best conversation you ever had. Or didn’t have .


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