Illegal, with no visa papers in the USA…

crazy travel…. nothing beats the experience

Storytime with John

Numerous 2010 


I am throwing this one in the travel tales section, simply because it is a pretty crazy story that took place on one of my adventures…however, I’m not sure which country to put on the end of it…you see it took place in three airports, rather than the actual countries themselves…

But enough talk, here it is:

So it was back in 2010 that my first real trip took place, sure I had been on family trips to France and Spain during the school holidays – but this was different…I was heading off to the USA, for a whole year…by myself. Now, I wouldn’t blink at this kind of thing, but back then I was absolutely shitting my pants (literally – well almost literally – but that’s err…another…err, listen forget I said anything!), anyway yes, I was nervous. So while I was on my way to…

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