Ever been in a situation where you are trying to have a conversation with someone but neither of you understands the other? You just reached an impasse. Rather than give up, find new ways to express yourself. You will be surprised how much fun you have!


Use a lot of gestures instead of words, like point at yourself and say name, then point at other person. Use drinking motion when thirsty, make a face, roll your eyes, shake your head. If you think it, do it! That way you are at least trying to be understood.

Be Dramatic

If you have to, use a thick accent. If you are in a foreign country use random funny phrases you know from that language so that you can communicate. Use cliche phases. Think ‘Mamma mia! ‘ If per chance you are in France, use thick accents like Inspector Whatshisname in Pink Panther. Reinvent yourself.

Have you seen babies talking on and on even when its clear you don’t understand them? They have the right idea. Think different. You will be surprised. Miscommunication can result in the best conversation you ever had. Or didn’t have .



Island Life

Whether its to the popular Cayman Islands or somewhere small like Ssese Islands every person has that Island experience they want. To be at peace with the world and just walk along the shores with friends or loved ones. It’s everything you need to experience for yourself.

Safari Life

Every once in a while we crave adventure. Traveling through the wild just to see nature and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. You need to plan a safari trip and go camping. It will definitely be the ride of your life.

Roller coaster ride

Be it rafting, bungee jumping, sea diving, if you need a thrill you need adventure like never before. Do one of these and you will have experiences to last a lifetime.


Illegal, with no visa papers in the USA…

crazy travel…. nothing beats the experience

Storytime with John

Numerous 2010 


I am throwing this one in the travel tales section, simply because it is a pretty crazy story that took place on one of my adventures…however, I’m not sure which country to put on the end of it…you see it took place in three airports, rather than the actual countries themselves…

But enough talk, here it is:

So it was back in 2010 that my first real trip took place, sure I had been on family trips to France and Spain during the school holidays – but this was different…I was heading off to the USA, for a whole year…by myself. Now, I wouldn’t blink at this kind of thing, but back then I was absolutely shitting my pants (literally – well almost literally – but that’s err…another…err, listen forget I said anything!), anyway yes, I was nervous. So while I was on my way to…

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Retirement is one of those chances you have to reinvent yourself. If before you didn’t have time to travel, play, hang with friends, suddenly you have time to do everything you had been putting off. Here are a few tips on where to go;

“You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.” 
― Andy Warhol

1. Look at the positives. so many are right in front of you.

2. Don’t panic. sometimes it feels like the rug’s been pulled out from under you but don’t give up. You need to focus on what you want to do that is fun for you.