It is a town located a 3 hour drive from Kampala city. It has as many attractions as you could possibly want and even more. Take some time and visit this scenic town for a wonderful weekend.

Bujagali Falls

This is a lovely place to hear tales about the gods and watch men float on the rapids with nothing but a jerrycan to bring them back to safety. It is daring, exciting and  will keep you entertained.

White water rafting

They say you should go rafting atleast once, maybe more if you dare. It takes handling your demons and embracing them to calm your fear and enjoy the exhilaration of fighting to stay afloat in your raft. It’s scary yet might be exactly what you need.

Bungee Jumping

This is done by jumping off a 44m cliff while harnessed from the top. You can opt to let your feet be dipped in the water or be yanked up before. To add a bit of illicit thrill, try a jump in the night. You will enjoy the combination of fresh cool air and the adrenaline as you jump. The best part is you can jump with a friend if you are scared.


The former Hotel Triangle, currently called Brisk is one of a few spots you can go to find a large pool to swin in. For a low price, you can enjoy the privacy of the water and work those kinks out for the day.

Visit the Swaminarayan Hindu temple

The main Hindu temple is situated on the way to the show ground from Jinja town. It is lovely to look at and you can take a tour so as to see anything you are curious about.

Boat ride

It would be a plus to enjoy a boat ride while in Jinja Town. You can get one at the Source of the Nile or Bujagali Falls. This is something you can enjoy with friends or family.

We at Sabili Tours would be happy to plan a trip for you to Jinja. Contact us here.


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