It’s that time of the month again, you know, where your wallets get emptier than a church trashcan. The moth that contributes the most to the single pool all year round. The month of love and heartbreak.

Here at Sabili Tours we celebrate romance and relationships with beautiful, unforgettable tailor made honeymoons that will kick-start your forever in a big way.

Much as humans celebrate romance the most with a day ear marked for it and every other day an excuse to indulge, we are not biologically wired to be monogamous. Wolves are, but not us. Here are some animals that give humans a run for their money.


Would you believe it if I told you wolves are monogamous? Once it mates that’s it. Soul-mate,partner, all rolled in one.


The animal mating ritual that most closely resembles human dating is not wolves or primates or even mammals. It’s the albatross. They are seabirds and take up to 10 years in some species to reach sexual maturity .You would expect them to rush into a relationship but instead they  sit back and learn from their elders, observing the species’ elaborate mating rituals that include dancing, preening, staring, pointing, and vocalizations. After years of trial and error, the birds perfect these mating rituals. They will then start dancing with many partners, but year after year, they will trim down their dance card until they have selected the one partner they want to be with for the rest of their lives. Nothing like this to inspire your dancing skills, eh?

Reversal of roles.

Did you know that male seahorses are the ones who carry the litter? But before it gets that far the two sea horses go through an intimate courtship first. They hold tails, swim snout to snout and change colors to show one another that they are ready for romance. This process can last for days before the pair engages in a courtship dance that lasts up to eight hours.

Once the male is pregnant, the female sticks around until he gives birth. She visits him every morning, holding his tail, changing colors and flirting with him to ensure that he will continue to nurture the eggs until they hatch. That is one good way of reassuring you that you are loved.


It feels good to be needed or wanted. Even animals depend on each other to survive. Snails are hermaphrodites but they require another partner to lay eggs. Their courtship process largely comes down to the animals circling one another and firing off “love darts” at each other, one third of which miss the target. The mucus-covered darts stimulate the animal’s female reproductive organs so they can hold more sperm. Once the darts are in place, the partners trade sperm cells for as long as six hours.

Take some time and go watch other animals express love and romance with your partner.

Happy valentines day        🙂


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