Leopards are territorial predators that are as comfortable in trees as on the ground.

Photo: A leopard rests in a treetop perch

By dragging its prey into trees, it can protect them from scavengers like hyenas. They often spend their days hiding in trees or caves and hunt at night.

Leopards often pace and walk around to mark their territory. They are solitary animals and live alone, only meeting to mate before they separate once again.

Another reason they are such good predators is their ability to swim. Needless to say it almost always traps its prey wherever it hunts from.

In Uganda, you can see them in Kidepo National Park, Murchison Falls and Semliki Nationall Park.

Do contact us so we can arrange a trip for you to see leopards and other intriguing animals such as lions and elephants. Find us here.


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