It’s a new year and you definitely want to see some new places. Here are some of the places you wanna travel this time;

The City Of Love

Betches Love This City: Paris - Betches Love This

Paris is a place of many possibilities. It always strikes me as a honeymoon and anniversary destination. It’s somewhere you can’t help but fall in love. Take your partner and spend a while there. Don’t miss your chance to see other sights in France.

The City That Never Sleeps

New York - City of Opportunities - The Wondrous Pics

New York is definitely the place to be for all those who like life in the fast lane. With a night life to be rivaled by Kampala where people never sleep, it’s definitely where you want to party and play. It’s not the only city you would want to see in USA, take a detour through Manhattan and anywhere else you have dreamed of seeing.

The Quiet Getaway

We turned sharp left on the forest path and were confronted by a man brandishing a very large machete. This did not look good. My friend Nick and I had

Ssese Islands are a breath of fresh air,especially if you live in a busy place like Kampala, you reach a point where you need some time away from it all. So take your friends and family and go away for a bit. Located in Uganda, it’s the perfect spot to explore many islands and take lazy beach strolls.

The Popular Holiday Spot

nice makes hawaii renowned throughout the globe hawaii is often used ...

Let’s face it, we have all dreamt of going to Hawaii on vacation. This year should be when you give in and indulge yourself in this trip. Tequila, beaches, festivity, what more could you need?

African Luxury Hotspot

Seychelles Islands, Seychelles | Beautiful Photos and Information

Seychelles Island  has become a much sought after destination. Located in the Indian ocean, it is home to some 100,000 giant Aldabra tortoises that live on a  coral atoll.  You can pay for a villa at the North Island resort on a private island where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stayed during their honeymoon.

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In 2014 we embarked on Around Uganda in 7 trips as a way of promoting popular destinations in the country. We arranged these trips at subsidized prices so as to attract as many people as possible and show them the beauty of Uganda. Some of the places visited were Lake Mburo National Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, Murchison falls, Ssese Islands and Jinja for rafting and Bungee jumping.

Lake Mburo

It is the nearest park to Kampala with the drive taking about 5 hours. You get to see the Equator on your way there and enjoy a scenic route. Some of the activities there include a game drive, horse riding so you can see game from the back of the horse and a boat drive to see the water loving animals. It is also the smallest park though it has over 350 bird species. It is well known for Zebras.


This is about a 7 hour drive from Kampala  and located in Western Uganda. You get to cross the equator and some activities for this trip include game drives and boat rides. It has plenty of elephants so you will have a look as much as you please.



This is an opportunity for a romantic lake side holiday away from the hustle of town. You can walk along the shores, take a boat ride and go enjoy viewing the other islands.


Located in Eastern Uganda, it is a 3 hour drive from Kampala. It is the hub of bungee jumping and rafting. You can go here when you are feeling adventurous.



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Lake Mburo National Park is a compact gem, located conveniently close to the highway that connects Kampala to the parks of western Uganda. It is the smallest of Uganda’s savannah national parks and underlain by ancient Precambrian metamorphic rocks which date back more than 500 million years. – See more at:
Lake Mburo National Park is a compact gem, located conveniently close to the highway that connects Kampala to the parks of western Uganda. It is the smallest of Uganda’s savannah national parks and underlain by ancient Precambrian metamorphic rocks which date back more than 500 million years. – See more at:


A chimp is definitely the kind of animal you would want for company when trapped on an island. For starters, it could be your cousin with a closely matched DNA of 95- 98 percent.  Chimpanzees also develop lifelong family bonds, particularly between mother and child. I t would be a loyal friend. They have the ability to laugh at ridiculous things so you definitely would hear a chuckle and bubble of laughter here and there.

You wouldn’t want for tools and other manual things. So you can dig and cut things and definitely won’t starve. In fact, they use tools for more purposes than any other creature except human beings.

You don’t have to cook. They are  omnivores, which means they eat fruits, nuts, seeds, blossoms and leaves, as well as many kinds of insects and occasionally medium-sized animals. Basically you will fruit gather with your buddy.

You can communicate moreover without the hustle of Mars and Venus language barriers. Chimpanzees communicate in many ways, most notably through sounds and calls. They also communicate with each other through touch, facial expressions and body language. It can be taught sign language and they respond to calls and repeated words followed by a specific action. Chimpanzees communicate physically in ways similar to humans—by kissing, embracing, patting on the back, touching hands, tickling, etc. And they even laugh when they play!

Games chimps play. Like men, chimps too play games. Chimpanzees sometimes get bored and will make up games to amuse themselves. You can set up play dates, hurray.

They make their own beds. You won’t be stuck with making beds, that’s for sure. Each night, chimpanzees make “nests” to sleep in and they never sleep in the same nest twice. The nests are made out of leaves, branches and other materials. Sometimes they even make a pillow out of the softest leaves.


Just like humans, animals have traits too. If you were an animal, don’t you wonder which one would be just like you? Here’s some ideas on what animal shares your traits.


Everyone knows one of those people who act quiet and unassuming but when you cross them there is hell to pay. A lion is the perfect example. They sleep for over 22 hours and are rare to find but this is one animal you don’t want to rub the wrong way.



Crocodiles have got this act perfected. They lie there and pretend to be a statue simply waiting for you to get close enough for them to pounce. Many people have met their downfall this way and am sure they if they had a chance they wouldn’t make the same mistake again.



You know that person who has got it all figured out?? That would be the leopard. It picks its prey and sets a trap calmly waits for you to walk into it. You have slim chances of escaping as it lies in wait in a tree for its prey.


Like humans, chimpanzees are no stranger to laughter. They often tickle each other and give unmistakable laughs as a result. They can also laugh at clumsy apes embarrassing themselves.

Laughing Chimp


Don’t put it past animals to be full of themselves. The peacock is one of those that will preen and admire itself without shame.



Pretty easy to find considering they know their pedigree and let you know they know. Nothing beats a horse that will snort as if to mock you, turn its back with nose in the air as if you are beneath its notice. They definitely know who the boss is.


How to take the stress out of travel

1. Let someone plan for you

Much as traveling is sometimes about taking time off from a hectic schedule, the actual trip needs to be planned which can be overwhelming as there are so many details such as where to go, how to go, where to sleep. The easiest way to forget this and enjoy yourself is hire someone to plan for you. At Sabili Tours we plan tailor made trips for whatever occasion you have.

2. Remember what the trip is about

Once you remind yourself that this is about relaxing or reconnecting with family, you will relax and look forward to the end game instead of letting the hustle stress you and take away your enjoyment.

3. Take a leap of faith, embrace your fears.

For so many, much as they enjoy traveling the actual trip is painful. It could be car sickness, fear of heights and other such things. Worrying about things you can’t change is another damper but letting go is a way to enjoy this.

Finally, just enjoy the time off and relax.

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Leopards are territorial predators that are as comfortable in trees as on the ground.

Photo: A leopard rests in a treetop perch

By dragging its prey into trees, it can protect them from scavengers like hyenas. They often spend their days hiding in trees or caves and hunt at night.

Leopards often pace and walk around to mark their territory. They are solitary animals and live alone, only meeting to mate before they separate once again.

Another reason they are such good predators is their ability to swim. Needless to say it almost always traps its prey wherever it hunts from.

In Uganda, you can see them in Kidepo National Park, Murchison Falls and Semliki Nationall Park.

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Trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park

For those of you with busy schedules where getting time for even yourself is a hustle, don’t let that stop you from making time to travel.

In only 3 days, you can travel to Queen Elizabeth National Park and enjoy all it has to offer. It’s located in Western Uganda and so prepare to enjoy a long scenic drive of over 5 hours from the capital, Kampala.

A highlight of this trip is you get to cross the equator, twice if you’re lucky.

There are over 95 different species of mammals and 600 species of birds. With a fun game drive, you get to play spot the lion since the jungle kings are elusive and sleep for over 22 hours a day.

Watching elephants play is another highlight you would be lucky to see.

A part of the trip is the opportunity to go for a boat ride. It’s fun, exciting and rejuvenating. Plus you get to see all the mammals hiding out in water and lots of bird species.

Accommodation is serene and comfortable with a number of lodges and camps to choose from depending on your budget and fancy.

Jacana Safari Lodge


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