This beautiful country that we live is is tucked away in East Africa. It’s called the pearl of Africa because it’s precious and rare like an expensive jewel. Ironically it is relatively cheap to live here. Many people live on delicacies like rolex ( omelet rolled in chapattis), deep fried cassava, Kikomando( chapatti with beans) and pancakes which have affordable prices and are delicious to boot. Other foods people eat include matooke, rice, posho( made from maize flour), beans, peas and all sorts of meat.

Uganda is landlocked but has the River Nile where people like to go white water rafting and Bungee jumping. It has lakes and rivers that people use for water and fishing. It’s snow capped Rwenzori mountains, numerous hills and enchanting waters are part of why it is called the pearl.

The friendly people are on a map of their own with strangers going out of their way to help give you directions, or smile and chat for a while. They will greet you, chat animatedly for a while and wave at you like a best friend as you leave. It’s a country where your neighbors will welcome you with a meal and you can visit without scheduling like a business meeting.

The fruits will make you feel like you are in a tropical paradise with bananas, pineapples, watermelon, mangoes, apples, oranges, guavas, pears, passion fruits and other succulent fruits. You can eat your fill and still want more.

The culture is rich with over 80 tribes and languages spoken. English is spoken in the major towns and urban areas. The currency used is the Ugandan shilling which can be got from forex bureaus in major towns at set exchange rates.

The warm sun that shows up every day is a plus, another gift of tropical climate. Uganda has two dry and wet seasons with the dry period being December to February and May to August. It does rain, even during the dry season, just as it shines during the wet season, the two weathers cohabiting like an old married couple.

With the crested crane as her National symbol, 10 national parks with zebras in Lake Mburo, elephants in Queen Elizabeth, lions in Murchison falls, Mountain gorillas that are in Bwindi Impenetrable forest, Uganda is a place you need to visit, enjoy the nature and take a cup of tea with your neighbor.


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